Why Industrial Engineering of SGU

Since 29 June 2016, based on No. SK: 1376/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/VII/2016 Industrial Engineering of SGU accreditation grade has raised to B. This information can been found on http://ban-pt.kemdiknas.go.id/direktori.php

IESGU Accreditation

Swiss German University (SGU) was established in 2000 as the first international university with a dual academic license recognized as a university under Indonesian law. The license was issued by the National Ministry of Education (DIKNAS). SGU was formed through a joint effort between Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria with the objective of bringing a strong international focus and promoting knowledge and technology in the higher education system of Indonesia.
The Industrial Engineering program at Swiss German University has been offered since August 2006. It offers a full degree program in Industrial Engineering. The design (course structure and content) of the Industrial Engineering program incorporates several approaches from existing departments, such as mechatronics engineering, business administration, information technology and communications at Swiss German University. By learning at SGU, the graduates have the capability to handle production/factory automation and deal with industrial management activities, such as optimization, job design, production control, cost analyst and use information technology tools and methodology to analyse and solve related industrial management problems.
To get bachelor degree from Industrial Engineering of SGU, the students must complete 144 SKS in at least 8 semesters of under graduate-level course work. The students will have to complete internship program in Indonesia in the third semester and internship program in Germany in the sixth semester (terms and conditions are applied).
Thesis project has to be completed in at least one semester. The thesis must be satisfactorily defended at an oral examination that will be held by involving Professor from the sister University as one of the examiners. A portion of the research required may be performed in off-campus facilities including by involving companies or industries, local or overseas.
SGU provides students with excellent facilities:
  • B Accredited by BAN-PT
  • Lectures delivered in English will increase students skill in making reports and doing presentations in English.
  • Scholarship opportunity for the students in many Company in Germany that have good reputation
  • Dual Degree with universities in Germany
  • Lecturers with international experience.
  • Academic Networks with International University.
  • Development of interpersonal and group-working skills.
  • A stimulating intellectual environment with internationally renowned research activities.
  • Excellent employment prospects.
  • Small classes and groups.
  • State-of-the-art laboratories to support factory automation (Electrical/Electronic labs, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Labs, Automation Lab), Industrial System Engineering, Human Factors and Work System Design, and other industrial engineering subjects.

Industrial Engineering Brochure

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