SWISS GERMAN UNIVERSITY (SGU) was established in 2000. Dedicated to delivering quality education in line with international standards, SGU is established as an international institution with a long-term commitment in Indonesia. SGU aims to develop skilled professionals to fulfill the need for qualified graduates in order to strengthen links between different cultures. SGU offers courses which combine both theoretical and practical training through internship.

The history of Industrial Engineering Program, Swiss German University was initiated ten years ago  in 2005s. On July 17th 2006 the Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program, Swiss German University was officially established as a part of Faculty of Engineering and started the first batch of students.

Being considered as the youngest bachelor program in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Industrial Engineering Department of SGU has contributed its unique value to the engineering field through education, research and community services. Our graduates are one of those that are sought after in the Industry the most. Our graduates have worked in a broad spectrum of service and manufacturing industries, which includes manufacturing, health care, consulting, financial services, information technology, human resources, operations, supply chain management and other related fields.