About Us


 The Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (Business Engineering) will provide students with a solid foundation in basic science, engineering, information technology, production engineering, and management science. The course (theoretical and practical) has been designed with a reference to existing national based curriculum of industrial engineering, with references to other universities abroad to broaden the knowledge given to students.During the study period, in the first year students will develop the ability to apply the necessary mathematical tools, basic science, and fundamental knowledge of engineering and computer science. In the second year, students will go for internship for duration of 8 weeks.

The second semester of second year study students will develop an understanding of the field of industrial engineering so that they are prepared for pre-employment in the field of production, that later they may perform during the intership abroad (Germany and Switzerland, and other country in Europe).

In the first semester of third year study, students will be provided with an higher educational foundation that prepares them for diverse career paths in engineering, management, and information technology background.

Upon return from internship abroad, students return to the campus, and they will be provided to be able to develop an understanding of the importance of the social, business, technical, and human context in which a process or product being designed will work.


To be a leading Industrial Engineering study program in generating superior human resources and to become part of the international community developing the system technology of products and services in 2020.



  • To deliver education and learning activities to generate human resources in industrial engineering with international benchmarks;
  • To conduct research and technology development in industrial engineering partnering with industry and other academic institutions;
  • To perform community service activities in the field of industrial engineering; and
  • To produce human resources that have ethical values that are noble and have the ability to implement science and knowledge for the benefit of societies.