Workshop DOBOT 18 February 2020

Dr. Tanika D Sofianti and Dr. Eng. Aditya T Pratama from Industrial Engineering of SGU together with Jessica Florencia (IE 2016) and some participants from other academic institution in Cikarang area participated in Dobot Programming Workshop on 18 February 2020 conducted by

This workshop was also part of the cooperation between Industrial Engineering of SGU and in developing e-learning for Dobot Training which will be launched in May 2020 to support one of programs by Kementrian Ketenagakerjaan Indonesia (Kemenaker RI). The E-learning program are being developed as thesis project of Jessica Florencia under supervision of Dr. Tanika D Sofianti and Dr.Eng. Aditya T Pratama. By participating in this workshop the curriculum of Industrial Engineering of SGU also will be enriched with knowledge and skills in Robot Automation that is needed in subject of Industrial Automation and Facilities Design and Analysis, aligned with the spirit of Industrie 4.0 which becomes the vision of current innovations in Industry.

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